Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vinyl decals on shutter

I know Halloween is long gone, but I got a great deal on these items and thought I would put this project together so it's ready for next year.

I picked this shutter up for free from EcoStore.

This paint was also free from EcoStore.

I painted the shutter with Zinsser primer and two coats of the antique white paint.

These Halloween vinyl decals were 90% off at Target. They are quick and easy to apply. Just peel and stick! They recommend you use them on walls, but there was no way I was applying them there. What if they ripped the paint off? They'd probably be done for after one use too. They can stay on the shutter forever and I can tuck it away in storage after Halloween.

Always has to be in the middle of the action

This ribbon was 90% off at Hobby Lobby. I fastened it with hot glue.

So for less than $3, I was able to make this:

I think it's kind of fun! It was certainly easy. I grabbed a whole pile of free shutters so I plan to dress the others up with wreaths for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. The nice thing about these is that you can place them anywhere in your home and they're easy to put up and take down.

Update: This year I have it outside by our front door. If you're interested in the Hocus Pocus mini pallet, click here.

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