Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paintable wallpaper for a backsplash

Backsplashes can be pricey. They range from several hundred to several thousand depending on the material and size of kitchen or bathroom.

Putting in tile meant spending more money and time on the kitchen backsplash than what we were willing to. We started brainstorming and came across paintable wallpaper. A lot of people have done beadboard wallpaper backsplashes.

HGTV beadboard backsplash
Design Lively beadboard wallpaper backsplash
Thrifty Inspirations has a good tutorial.

We used beadboard wallpaper to reface our cabinets so I thought it might be too much to do the backsplash that way as well. Luckily, there are all kinds of paintable wallpaper.

I thought the tin look was kind of cool.

Linda Paul

Life and Style at Oz

American Tin Ceiling
Real tin can be pricey and is about $40 per tile. We found Fasade panels at Menards and Home Depot. Fasade is a brand and they make imitation tin tiles. Their tiles are 18"x24" and cost $20 each. While this price wasn't outrageous, it still would have cost us over $200 to do the entire kitchen.

Luckily, there is paintable wallpaper with the same tin designs. I picked up this $12 roll from Menards and it covered the whole kitchen and laundry room backsplash areas.

Left was used for backsplash. Right was used for cabinet doors.
Measure your wall carefully. Be sure to adjust for outlets and windows. Work in small sections. The wallpaper will line up nicely so don't worry about the pattern being off. Once you cut the wallpaper soak it in a tub of water for 5 seconds. Then hang it for 10 minutes before applying to the wall. We used an old curtain rod to hang. Squeegee the wallpaper once it's in place to remove the extra glue.

Without paint
Let the wallpaper dry overnight before adding paint. I used Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze (brushable kind, not the spray paint). I also painted the outlet covers.

I was able to get all of the wallpaper hung in one night and then painted over the next couple of days. I applied two coats of paint. Not too bad for $12.

To see how we updated our entire kitchen on the cheap, click here. For a tutorial on my faux granite countertops, click here.

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  1. Amazing. I am going to do this. Whoo hoo. New kitchen. Thank you so much I have been looking all day. :) :)