Friday, November 1, 2013

Reupholstered bench

What a fun Halloween yesterday! Halloween decorations at Hancock Fabrics and Michaels are 80% off. I think places like Target, Shopko, and Hobby Lobby will wait until next week to drop the price dramatically (80-90%). Again, I'll keep you posted.

Now onto my next project. I found this bench at an auction for $10.

Pretty gross, huh? I thought it had a nice shape and would be good upholstering practice. 

I owe my husband big time. I underestimated just how nasty the fabric was and could hardly stand to touch it. Luckily, he was braver than I and took it off. Once the old fabric was off, I cleaned up the wood and got busy reupholstering. The pad was in decent shape so I didn't replace it. I found the new fabric from Joann's Fabric. It was on sale and ended up being less than $5 for a yard.

Since a yard was plenty, I decided to cover it twice. You'll want to pull the fabric very tight and start stapling on one side starting in the middle instead of the edge.

Save the corners for last. I used this tutorial:


The iron legs on the bench had a lot of rust so we sanded them well before spray painting with Krylon Black Gloss spray paint.

Once dry, my husband reattached the legs.  

Below is the final product. This bench will go in our downstairs bathroom. Our basement is unfinished right now, but I'm hoping to tackle it this winter. Guess this little guy will sit in storage until then.

I can't wait to upholster more items. The next upholstering project I want to attempt is a diy headboard and matching box spring!

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